Arthur Bloom of the Daily Caller highlights interesting internal documents from tech giant Google.

The newsletters provide insight into both genuinely troubling human resources issues and the prevalence of left-wing discourse within the company. Most items are submitted by Googlers, except where otherwise noted.

In particular, there are three instances at the New York office that seem to indicate a pro-PRC bias on the part of certain employees there. A Taiwanese flag was vandalized and criticism of the company’s cooperation with the Chinese government was tarred as racist. …

Veterans at Google feel besieged

“The recent backlash at Google against have contracts with the DoD is having very negative effects on the Veterans’ community. Fellow Googlers are posting memes and comments about how the DoD is evil and immoral. While holding healthy political discussions at Google is an awesome part about working here, it can go too far. It is not reasonable for those who claim the military is evil to not understand that those connotations apply to those who have served as well.” …

Google Project Manager: West Virginians ‘breed with their cousins’

“While discussing family-friendly activities around the Pittsburgh office, my PM joked that one could go to West Virginia and watch people breed with their cousins. A few weeks prior, a different colleague commented that poor people shouldn’t have children. This PM took a softer stance but agreed that poor people should plan better. I am from West Virginia, and my sister still lives there in poverty. I am helping her regain custody of her newborn child on top of supporting her through opioid withdrawal. I compartmentalize well, but I’m already struggling to stay productive without these interactions.”