Kylee Griswold of the Federalist questions Google’s approach to bad news surrounding the president and his family.

While fact-checking a Federalist article early Monday morning, I did a quick Google search for “hunter biden joe biden ‘an absolute wall.’”

It’s the language now-President Joe Biden used during the 2020 campaign to allege a separation between his vice-presidential duties and his son’s overseas work for the family business. It’s back in the news after the House Oversight Committee on Thursday asked the National Archives and Records Administration for unredacted communications containing three of Joe Biden’s vice presidential pseudonyms: Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.

Google, however, apparently didn’t want me to find too much information — at least not from certain sources.

“It looks like the results below are changing quickly. If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for reliable sources to publish information,” Google alerted me, prompting me to make sure the source is “trusted on this topic” and maybe just to “come back later.”

Here’s the thing: This isn’t a new topic; it’s four years old. It was all the way back in August 2019 that Biden was making the “absolute wall” pledge, according to contemporaneous articles from regime-approved media such as Politico. More than “a few hours or days” have passed.

So why did Google want me to come back later? Perhaps because in 2023, Biden’s “absolute wall” resembles the one on our southern border or surrounding the biblical Jericho: at best easily penetrable and at worst completely tumbled down.

Now that his campaign promise has been exposed as utter horse pucky — just check the receipts, whistleblower testimony, texts from Hunter Biden, assertions from former Biden family business partners, “highly credible” FBI source evidence, and more — the only journalists covering it, consistently and without burying the lede, are outside of Big Tech-boosted leftist media.