The North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 130: Preserving Choices for Consumers, sponsored by Reps. Dean Arp, Jason Saine, Michael Wray, and Charlie Miller.

Locke committed in its 2023 Legislative Agenda to ensuring that consumers across the state can access various energy sources and choices. Our policy recommendations and work with lawmakers helped to ensure the filing and passage of this bill, which is now with the North Carolina Senate for their committee process and floor votes.

H.B. 130 constrains local governments across the state from prohibiting the use of gas stoves by ensuring that individuals have the freedom to choose their energy sources. Likewise, this keeps policy decisions on energy with the General Assembly, conforming with N.C. being a “Dillon’s Rule” state.

For further information on House Bill 130, read the analysis of Locke’s Director for the Center of Food Power and Life, Jon Sanders.

In a show of bi-partisan support, all Republicans and nine Democrats voted in favor of the bill in the House. The Government Affairs Team will continue to track and monitor H.B. 130 as it progresses through the Senate in the coming weeks.