Editors at Investor’s Business Daily document how Hillary Clinton enlisted federal government agencies’ support of her 2016 presidential campaign.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, the growing scandal of the FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign is being revealed for what it is: an effort to weaponize the federal intelligence bureaucracy for use by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Recent revelations point to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a secretive group of supporters and hangers-on both inside and outside of the FBI and Justice Department as having a far deeper personal involvement in the investigation than first thought.

Fears of a politicized and manipulative “deep state” are looking less paranoid by the day.

The involvement of Hillary Clinton campaign aides in both the FBI’s and Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s supposed ties to the Trump campaign in 2016 now seems deeper, and more nefarious, than first thought. …

… Using questionable information, Clinton, Steele, Blumenthal and Shearer were able to get the government to launch an intelligence surveillance operation against her political foe — something that should never happen.

The letter says that the “bulk” of the application for surveillance against Carter Page, a fringe adviser to the Trump campaign, came from the Steele dossier. But it was never made clear to the court that the dossier was financed by Hillary Clinton’s political campaign.

So Clinton got the FBI’s counterintelligence apparatus and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, in essence, to do her political dirty work.