Grace Curley writes for the American Spectator about the federal government’s changing COVID-19 goalposts.

Biden rails against the governors of Texas and Florida, while somehow neglecting Louisiana, a nearby southern state with a similarly high number of ‘cases’ (which are not to be confused with deaths or even hospitalizations).

What’s the difference between Texas and Florida, on the one hand, and Louisiana on the other?

Louisiana’s governor is a Democrat. So…nothing to see in the Big Easy, folks, move along.

Other than helicoptering back-and-forth from Camp David and eating chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, the President’s number one priority as this week seems to be feuding with Florida governor Ron DeSantis. The leader of the Free World trading barbs with a first-term governor over masks in schools feels especially bizarre given the current news cycle. But alas — Joe is obsessed with Ron.

Why? Well, DeSantis is determined to give the people of Florida the freedom to make their own choices. His constituents can choose whether or not they wish to get vaccinated. They can make the decision whether or not their kids will wear masks in schools. All of these choices irk petty tyrants, like Joe Biden, who much prefer giving Americans orders rather than options.

Our bodies, our choice? That’s so…20th century.

Which is why Biden and his army of experts are moving on to the next chapter in their never-ending Covid-19 story: booster shots. …

… If these booster shots have a roll-out like the vaccines, this could be another disaster for the Biden administration. The coronavirus vaccines, which the geniuses in our mainstream media told us would never be developed under President Trump, were being administered even before the former President left office. …

… During the campaign, Democrats compared the vaccines to the Tuskegee Experiment (or as Joe repeatedly called it, the Tuskegee Airmen). Post-January 20, however, taking the vaccination was no longer genocide. In fact, it was your patriotic duty to get jabbed.