Elections are being held nationwide today, with key races in Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Virginia. Results from these states are expected to signal where voters stand going into 2024, shaping up to be one of the most pivotal elections of our lifetime.

An important thing to remember is that today serves as far more than a mere practice run for 2024. The reins of state control are at stake in states that over twenty-five million Americans call home.

Candidates are not the only thing on the ballot this year; voters in five states are taking up ballot measures, weighing in on issues including abolishing wealth taxes, abortion, marijuana legalization, and even expanding a ban on foreign spending in elections.

Here in North Carolina, voters in 465 cities, towns, and villages will head to the polls today to vote in local elections.

These municipal elections directly impact our everyday lives and how our towns, cities, and counties are run.

Change truly begins at the local level.

If there is an election where you live today, be sure to practice your civic duty by casting your vote and making your voice heard.

Unsure if there is a local election where you live? Click here to find out.

One crucial reminder: today marks the first Election Day in which North Carolina voters will be required to show photo ID to vote, a necessary and constitutional reform that we at Locke have long advocated for.

North Carolinians deserve secure elections.

Friend, as we look to 2024, election season will soon heat up at a national level. Here in North Carolina, candidate filing officially begins on December 4th.

Our state is set to play a pivotal role in deciding the direction our nation will go in the coming years.