UNC-Chapel Hill Sinecure Occupant Gene “When I call it breathtaking stupidity and a moral failing to keep poor kids in a bad education environment, I don’t mean give them any choice in schools or worse a Hope Scholarship” Nichol has grasped the election results in North Carolina.

He realizes how bad it was for the “moral” proxy movement for restoring Democratic rule as usual.

Friends, he is in abject panic. Consider his characterizations:


  • “agenda of destruction”
  • “horror”
  • “brutal”
  • “bully”
  • “cruelty”
  • “monster”


What on earth does he see, since he can’t recognize how the “moral” movement’s causes would make the poor even worse off? This:

A government that repairs to its caucuses and produces policy after policy designed to serve only the wealthy, only the white, only the Christian, only the straight, only the male and only the adherents of a philosophy of privilege.

Ohhhhh, so he sees horrible, cruel monsters of his own imagining, and he’s projecting them.