Kyle Smith argues in a New York Post column that the Democrats’ last presidential nominee continues to benefit the Republican Party.

Remember when Jimmy Carter published a whiny, self-serving book about his political downfall called “What Happened”? Remember when Mike Dukakis pushed filmmakers to do a four-hour fan documentary about himself? Remember when George H.W. Bush mocked Bill Clinton at the Grammys? Yeah, me neither.

Previous losing presidential candidates had the dignity to back off and bow out of politics. Yet here is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the recurrent canker sore on America’s butt, which is politics. This week she again tried to reintroduce herself to us all as anything but what she is, which is a sore loser. Her attempts to scramble back into the political spotlight after the American people booed her off the stage have been so pathetic that she resorted to calling Army major and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard “a Russian asset” — a loony insult that this week got Clinton socked with a lawsuit for defamation.

How funny would it be if Hillary were forced to transfer a chunk of her filthy fortune to Tulsi?

This week, to promote the upcoming four-hour Sundance/Hulu documentary “Hillary,” a project launched by Hillary herself, Clinton gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which she turned on one of her party’s two front-runners for the presidential race, proving yet again that God sent Hillary Rodham Clinton to earth as a beautiful gift to the Republican Party.