The latest print edition of National Review includes this blurb about the Democratic presidential front-runner:

Hillary Clinton has gotten a good deal of political mileage out of her observation that the nation’s top 25 hedge-fund managers earn more money than all of the kindergarten teachers combined. Estimates vary on whether this is in fact true, but it probably isn’t far from true, as Mrs. Clinton’s son-in-law, a hedge-fund manager, could attest. The top 25 hedgies took in $11.6 billion in 2014, down substantially from $21.2 billion in 2013. (It is the nature of such enterprises that compensation varies greatly from year to year; these are not salaried workers.) Hedge-fund managers make a tremendous lot of money, and kindergarten teachers make less. What the one has to do with the other is known only to the goblins in Mrs. Clinton’s head: We have it on good authority that Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo make a good deal more in professional sports than they would waiting tables at Denny’s. and Mrs. Clinton, who in the political off-season earns $8,000 a minute flattering the gentlemen at Goldman Sachs, hath not a lean and hungry look. It may be that hedge-fund executives are overpaid; if so, that is a problem for their clients and the compensation committees of their firms. There is a fairly compelling argument that many public-school teachers are overpaid, too, which is a problem for taxpayers. One of these considerations is a proper political question, and one of them is not.