It’s not something one likes to read about the next potential leader of the free world, but Mark Tapscott offers details in the Daily Caller.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “often confused,” according to an email made public Monday from former co-chief of staff Huma Abedin to frequent Clinton companion Monica Hanley.

In a Jan. 26, 2013, email, Abedin asks Hanley if she has “been going over calls with [Clinton] for tomorrow? So she knows Singh is at 8?”

Hanley responds, saying “[Clinton] was In bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8 am call. Wiii (sic) go over with her.”

Abedin then warned Hanley “Very Imp (sic) to do that. She’s often confused.”

The email was made public Monday by Judicial Watch, the government watchdog that has filed more than three dozen Freedom of Information Act requests regarding Clinton’s use of a private homebrew server located in her New York home and a private email account instead of a government email to conduct official business during her tenure as the chief U.S. diplomat.

The email will fuel renewed speculation about whether Clinton suffered more serious injuries in a December 2012 fall in her home. President Clinton said last year that his wife required six months to recover from the incident. She has since denied having any long-term problems stemming from the fall.