Ben Shapiro of National Review Online checks in with defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton wants to talk to you about God.

According to The Atlantic, the once-sure-thing White House candidate is back on the campaign trail, this time on behalf of Jesus. Hillary, they say, spent years holding back her faith from public view; she avoided imposing the joy of Christ on the assembled. But secretly, she and God were on solid terms. Never mind the public spectacle of her explaining to religious Americans that their “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” This was a woman hiding her light under a bushel.

No longer. …

… Leftist politicians aren’t shy about sharing their faith. But they seem puzzled that so few religious Americans seem to take their faith seriously.

Perhaps that’s because religious Americans look at the invocation of the Bible by the political Left as a bit of political appropriation. Leftists seem to rely on the Bible only when calling for precisely the reverse of the personal-responsibility ethos promulgated by the Bible.