Editors at Investor’s Business Daily examine the record of former FBI Director James Comey‘s interactions with President Trump.

Whatever James Comey’s motives were for writing memos about his meetings with President Trump, they reveal how duplicitous the former FBI Director was with the new president. …

… But the picture that emerges most clearly from them is not one of a crazed, deranged Trump trying to obstruct the FBI’s investigation into Russian election meddling. If anything, Trump comes across as sympathetic.

Instead, Comey manages by his own hand to show how he repeatedly lied and deceived Trump, and how he purposely withheld information from him knowing full well that by doing so he was hurting Trump’s ability to do his job. …

… In his first memo, dated January 7, Comey recounts the meeting in which he briefed Trump on the dossier. He says he did so because reporters already had the information.

But then he told Trump that the press hadn’t reported on it yet because they “were looking for a news hook” and stressed to Trump that “it was important that we not give them the excuse to write that the FBI has the material.”

He says Trump was surprised that the press hadn’t already run with the story, to which Comey replied “they would get killed for reporting straight up from the source reports.”

It turns out it was Comey himself who gave the press the hook they were looking for. Just days after, CNN used Comey’s briefing of Trump as the very pretext to report on the dossier that, up until that point, they’d refused to touch.

In other words, it’s far less likely that Comey briefed Trump because he was worried the press would report on the dossier, and more likely that he briefed Trump to ensure that those details would leak.