Helen Raleigh of the Federalist writes about China’s response to Hamas terrorist attacks.

Israel’s representative in Taiwan, Maya Yaron, recently called communist China’s response to Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel “disturbing” while praising Taiwan for its unequivocal support of her country.

When the government of Taiwan learned about the atrocities committed by Hamas, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately posted a statement: “Taiwan strongly condemns the indiscriminate attacks against the Israelis carried out by Hamas. We stand in solidarity with Israel and denounce all forms of terrorism.” The ministry also posted an image on X, formerly Twitter, showing the top of Taipei’s tallest building lit with blue and white light, representing Israel’s flag. Taiwan, a thriving democracy facing a hostile neighbor, certainly understands the existential threats Israel faces. 

In contrast, communist China initially issued a bland call for restraint from both sides and a “two-state” solution. After facing much criticism, the spokeswoman of China’s Foreign Ministry said China was “deeply saddened by the civilian casualties” and condemned “any acts that harm civilians.” Still, Beijing has refrained from either condemning Hamas or using the word “terrorism” to describe the atrocity they committed on Oct. 7. Nor did Beijing issue any outright support for Israel’s right to defend itself. China responded weakly even though the terrorist group killed at least four Chinese citizens and abducted three.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed, “The crux of the matter is that justice has not been done to the Palestinian people.” Leftists in the West have uttered similar rhetoric in recent days to justify Hamas’ barbaric actions. Last week, China also joined Russia in vetoing a U.S.-led draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council. The resolution would have condemned Hamas and urged the release of Israeli hostages.

According to The Wall Street Journal, China’s state media chose not to report or show images of what Israel has suffered.