Helen Raleigh of the Federalist takes aim at a misguided Washington Post column.

The Washington Post has descended into a mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. The latest example is a WaPo columnist with so much contempt for GOP presidential candidates that he was willing to shill for the Chinese Communist Party.

The day after the second GOP presidential debate, Philip Bump of WaPo didn’t bother to objectively analyze the candidates’ performances or inform readers of the ideas the candidates shared. Instead, he wrote a hit piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a GOP presidential candidate, by focusing on the frequency of DeSantis’ mentioning of “the Chinese Communist Party,” the “CCP,” or “communist China” during the debate. Bump took a swipe at another GOP presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, for saying, “The Communist Party of China is the real enemy.”

Bump regarded any of these references to the CCP as “pejorative,” even though “the Chinese Community Party” has been the official name of the party since its founding in 1921, and this title and its various references have appeared in both internal and external documents produced by the party itself. Furthermore, these variations have been internationally accepted and widely used for nearly a century (the phrase “communist China” has been circulating since the CCP took control of China in 1949).

No references to the CCP can bring up warm and fuzzy feelings because domestically, the party has committed numerous atrocities since 1949, from the Great Famine (1959-1962) that killed an estimated 45 million people to the ongoing genocide against Uyghur Muslims, just to name a few. Internationally, the party has been harassing China’s neighbors over territorial disputes, deploying economic coercion to impose its political will and silence dissenting voices, and aggressively conducting intelligence gathering and political interference in other countries. Can Bump name one thing the CCP did that warranted our love and respect?