Alex Pappas reports for the Daily Caller that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has a much different view from those climate alarmists who speak of “global warming deniers.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal referred to President Obama and his administration as “science deniers” on Tuesday.

Over lunch with a handful of reporters, the possible Republican candidate for president said: “We now face an administration that is composed and comprised of science deniers, when you look at their approach to science and the environment.”

“You look at an administration that is holding our economy hostage to their radical views,” Jindal said. “It really is an article of religious faith amongst this administration. It’s tantamount to religious faith the way they approach these questions of policy.”

Asked to specifically detail what makes Obama a science denier, Jindal first listed the administration’s stance on approving the Keystone Pipeline.

“For five years, they’ve said they’re studying this,” Jindal said. “Their own state department says it’ll have no discernible environmental impact.”

The governor also took aim at the Obama’s administration’s attempts to regulate CO2 emissions.

“When you look at the EPA policies, again, even if you accept the premise behind their attempts to regulate CO2 emissions from power plants, not even the EPA’s regional office can explain how they came up with their numbers,” he said.

Jindal also said the result of shifting energy intensive industries overseas makes little sense.

“The idea that unilateral actions to hurt our economy are going to somehow benefit the environment make no scientific sense,” he said. “Exporting those energy intensive industries, if that’s what we succeed in doing, we’ll actually make the environment worse. They’ll now be performed in countries with weaker environmental regulations.”