Earlier this week, JLF’s Dr. Terry Stoops appeared on Capital Tonight to speak about the current bill to raise the enrollment cap for Virtual Charter School, NC Virtual Academy. Among other things, Senate Bill 392 would remove the maximum student enrollment cap for a virtual charter school and would permit the State Board of Education to allow a virtual charter school to grow by 20%.

On the broadcast, Stoops comments to the host that he does not foresee Governor Cooper signing the bill, as his stance on school choice does not favor expansion. Stoops said:

“We now have about 20 percent of our students who are perusing their education in a home, private, or charter school. I think the governor objects to having so many choices, and so a veto would be consistent with his position on school choice.”

Listen to Dr. Stoops’ comments here. Read more about the S.B. 392 here.