It is 2021, and yet the Biden administration is excluding certain people — in this case, a white man — from COVID-19 restaurant relief funds. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley recaps the case: (emphasis is mine)

Under the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, the Administration announced that it would give priority to businesses owned by women, racial minorities, veterans, and other “socially and economically disadvantaged.” Philip Greer a white restaurant owner, sued over race and gender discrimination.  In a 18-page decision, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor found that Greer is “experiencing race and sex discrimination at the hand of government officials” in the Biden Administration. Greer owns the Greer’s Ranch Café, and claims to have lost nearly $100,000 in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the policy of our current president and his administration. And yet people are worried about the impact of Donald Trump on our society? Go figure.

It’s 2021, not 1961. Those who believe that I need – or expect – to be put at the front of any line simply because I am a woman should be rebuked, not thanked. Kudos to this judge. I’ll rely on my performance and merit. I expect to compete on a level playing field that provides opportunity for every person, not special status for the favored.