Victoria Taft writes at about one federal judge’s stand against the U.S. Department of Justice.

In an opinion issued February 21, California Federal District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney stiff-armed the DOJs Terrorism and Export Crimes Section out of Los Angeles and nailed them for selective prosecution. The decision to dismiss the federal charges against two men who at some point became members of a group characterized as “white supremacist” was based on the fact that Antifa did as bad or worse that day and at other events where both groups were represented and Antifa wasn’t prosecuted.

The judge wrote, “prosecuting only members of the far right and ignoring members of the far left leads to the troubling conclusion that the government believes it is permissible to physically assault and injure Trump supporters to silence speech.”

Selective prosecution has been happening to Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and other non-white supremacist groups for years. The Portland area Patriot Prayer group held “free speech” events that were entirely non-violent, with speeches, flag waving and the like. These events would only turn violent when Antifa showed up to silence them. The Proud Boys, who hold free speech events, suffered from the same selective prosecutions because they like Donald Trump and it was socially acceptable to silence “fascists.” Both groups were denounced by Portland officials and told never to set foot in Multnomah County. Antifa got a pass.

Put another way, if Antifa don’t start nuthin’ there won’t be nuthin’. And it’s about time someone in a black robe saw that for what it is.

Carney wrote: 

“There is no doubt that the government did not prosecute similarly situated individuals. Antifa and related far-left groups attended the same Trump rallies as Defendants with the expressly stated intent of shutting down, through violence if necessary, protected political speech. At the same Trump rallies that form the basis for Defendants’ prosecution, members of Antifa and related far-left groups engaged in organized violence to stifle protected speech.”