Daniel Turner writes for the New York Post about the Biden administration’s questionable approach to climate issues.

To state the obvious, John Kerry is an unserious person. That’s not a reference to his wind-surfing or flip-flops or other classic campaign faux pas from days gone by.

With Ukraine suffering death and destruction at the hands of Vladimir Putin’s military, Kerry shared his true concern about the conflict: climate.

“A war is the last thing you need with respect to a united effort to try to deal with the climate challenge,” Kerry told a Reuters reporter. He then decried the “emissions” consequences of Russia’s invasion, adding, “You’re going to lose people’s focus . . . certainly big country attention, because they will be diverted” from the climate agenda.

Kerry’s remarks are aloof, callous, clueless — but, most of all, unserious.

In fact, his climate agenda is partly to blame for the current geopolitical mess. The Biden administration, from its first day in office, unleashed an attack on our once-robust energy industry. In pursuit of the Green New Deal, the socialist utopia that would ban the combustion engine, regulate diets and employ solar panels and wind turbines alone to power the nation, President Joe Biden & Co. sought to get rid of fossil fuels.

But by throttling the industry, they cut the global supply and prices rose accordingly. That hurt Americans, while making Vladimir Putin rich.

And a Vladimir Putin with surplus cash is a dangerous thing.

America’s shortsighted climate-change efforts are destabilizing world peace. This was not Biden or Kerry’s intention, but it is the consequence — and the more dangerous the world becomes, the more unserious “climate change” hysteria is.

Telling Putin not to invade Ukraine because of emissions is akin to lecturing those fleeing Kyiv to mask up and social distance. It’s a luxury they don’t have.