Jeffrey Anderson offers Federalist readers more proof that concerns about Georgia’s voter ID rukes fly in the face of other forms of ID requirement.

The city of Los Angeles recently released strict proof-of-vaccination rules requiring photo ID — and they appear to be tougher than Georgia’s voter ID laws. Approved earlier this month and slated to go into effect next month, the rules for being allowed to enter “an Indoor Portion of a Covered Location” in Los Angeles will be as follows:

“A Covered Location is required to cross-check Proof of Vaccination for each Patron who appears to be 18 years of age or older against Photo Identification…

Photo Identification means an original or copy of an identification card, including:
Driver’s license;
Government issued identification card;
School or work identification card; or

So, one must show a picture ID in addition to providing proof of vaccination against the Wuhan virus, even if one has natural immunity. President Joe Biden has both imposed and praised vaccine mandates similar to this one, even though they have cost many hardworking people their jobs. Biden maintains that this “is not about freedom or personal choice” but about compelling Americans to “do the right thing.”

Given Biden and other Democrats’ strong support for vaccine mandates, it’s illuminating to compare the vaccination ID requirements in Los Angeles to the voting ID requirements in places like Georgia that Biden and other leftists have strongly condemned. …

… One of the major objections that Biden and his allies have had to the Georgia law is its enhanced ID requirements for proving one’s eligibility to vote. Contrast this with how supportive the left is of ID requirements for proving that one is vaccinated against COVID-19 and thus is worthy to participate in normal American life. …

… L.A. doesn’t say anything about accepting a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government check. In other words, ID requirements appear to be less stringent to vote absentee in Georgia than to enter an indoor establishment in Los Angeles.