Monica Showalter of the American Thinker highlights a new high-profile target for the loony left. Dolly Parton.

How is this for obnoxious?

Leftists, one after another, have put a target on country music legend Dolly Parton’s back. Her crime against political correctness? Making a Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, an inexpensive website-creating framework for small and start-up businesses.

Here’s what enraged them:

“As much as we all love Dolly Parton, it’s still disappointing to hear her literally sing the praises of “working, working, working.” thundered a columnist printed at NBC News.

‘One job is no longer enough to survive’: Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad glosses over the reality for millions of gig workers, critics say, read the headline at MarketWatch. …

… So Parton, whose own history as an enterprising country music singer, who gained control of her own musical work product over the big boys as a scrappy, freelance artist, which is what the NBC News piece described, is somehow ‘bad’ for advocating small business entrepreneurship, same as what she herself did to get herself rich and famous. Parton’s ad features at least three people happily pursuing their passions as side hustles — a gardener, a fitness trainer and an artist. Nobody handed Parton her fame and fortune on a plate, she came from the poorest of the poor in fact, as she wended her way, with hard work, stable family, talent, and luck as a small time singer all the way to the top. Yet here we are, now seeing the press condemning such individual initiative.

The reason [they] call it ‘bad’ is that entrepreneurship, which often starts as a side-hustle, is hard, speculative, and always involves working overtime. It’s hard work to succeed as a new business, so the message now is that no one should do it.

Tell that to generations of immigrants from every country who began with side hustles and small businesses, people who began their route to success through laundry services, gardening contracts, bodegas, donut shops, cleaning contracts, food trucks, taco stands.