Some results from an incomplete audit of Cherokee tribal funds have been released. According to current Principal Chief Patrick Lambert, who urged the investigation of the previous administration:

These truths that we’ve all known well over time but have been hidden has rocked the very foundation which allows for the people of this tribe to consent to be governed.

Findings include thousands of dollars in cash advances to “parties unknown” from ATM machines during hours legitimate advances could have been procured through the business office. Also found were:

. . . thousands in miscellaneous car and insurance payments, as well as thousands to clothing stores such as Banana Republic, Macy’s, White House Black Market, Victoria’s Secret, Joseph A. Bank and Oakley’s Sunglasses.

Then, there were the charges for stretch limousine rentals, Dollywood tickets, a trip to Dorado Beach Golf Course in Puerto Rico and another to Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Among others.

That was a weird sentence. Regardless, these reports of corruption leave one imagining posh resorts as places where embezzling crooks go to rub elbows with more of the same.