John Hood isn’t the only one delving into the details of the Buffet Rule. In the latest National Review, James Lileks notes that we’re likely to see an end soon to all school fundraising drives featuring chocolate, candy, and popcorn.

This will end soon. Pictures of smiling kids selling cookies will look as absurd as old ads where doctors endorsed cigarettes, but we can’t get to that glorious day unless the schools do their part. First, they’ll tell kids not to eat the stuff — but hold on, isn’t that abstinence? We’re told that doesn’t work. Okay, they’ll ban it. Hold on, isn’t that prohibition? We’re told that never works. Well, never mind, it’s bad, okay? Shut up with the analogies. Final step: replacing the lunchroom tables with troughs, so the children can lap up a fortified slop of liquefied tofu. Today’s flavor: Beets!

The first lady has made healthy eating her cause célebre, and while you can guarantee that her hortatory exhortations about swapping out the chili fries for braised asparagus will change nothing, at least she will have raised our consciousness, and possibly Sparked a National Conversation. You’re surprised she hasn’t proposed her own Buffet Rule: 30 percent of the stuff on your tray has to be leafy.