Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon highlights the latest high-profile hire at the controversial Lincoln Project.

A political strategist with ties to some of the Democratic Party’s most notorious perverts is joining the Lincoln Project. The announcement comes just days after the scandal-plagued super PAC exonerated itself of wrongdoing with respect to John Weaver, the Lincoln Project cofounder who used his position of authority to sexually exploit vulnerable young men.

Joe Trippi, who previously worked for disgraced senators Ted Kennedy (D., Mass.) and John Edwards (D., N.C.), announced his decision Tuesday in a USA Today op-ed. “This is not about policy or petty politics or our individual histories and past partisan fights,” Trippi wrote. “It’s about the future of our democracy and, as Lincoln’s guardians, making sure it survives. That is why, today, I am joining the Lincoln Project in this cause.”

Trippi served on Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980, when the senator ran against then-president Jimmy Carter in the Democratic primary. Some critics view the intraparty challenge as a reckless endeavor that helped ensure Carter’s defeat to Ronald Reagan, the Republican candidate. …

… Kennedy’s defeat in the primary came a decade after he murdered a woman with his car on Chappaquiddick Island, fled the scene of the crime, and waited nearly 10 hours to inform the police. …

… In 2007, Edwards hired Trippi as a senior adviser to his presidential campaign. Edwards also hired Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker with whom he would have an extramarital affair while his wife was dying from breast cancer. Edwards fathered a child with Hunter but initially refused to accept paternity, and even pressured a campaign aide, Andrew Young, to claim the child was his.

The Lincoln Project, which began as a Republican organization dedicated to raising money from rich liberals who disliked former president Donald Trump, has sought to rebrand itself as a “pro-democracy” super PAC dedicated to raising money from rich liberals who dislike all Republicans, as well as moderate Democrats who refuse to endorse radical left-wing reforms.