Stella Morabito of the Federalist reminds us about the importance of down-ballot races during this election.

Americans ought to be thinking a lot harder about their local, down-ballot races. This year, more than any other in recent memory, we got a bitter taste of the power of local officials to enable, and even promote, rioting and mayhem in America.

Many of us have watched aghast as mayors of blue cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York turned a blind eye or even encouraged mob rule that resulted in wide-scale violence, vandalism, looting, injury, and, yes, murder. They have flatly rejected all offers by President Trump to bring it under control by calling in the National Guard. Let’s not forget that these mayors — along with the many other officials close to them — were elected locally.

Recall, it’s local elected prosecutors, district attorneys, state’s attorneys, and attorneys general that have the power to allow violent criminals to roam free after an arrest. We see this happening repeatedly in Democratic Party-run cities like Seattle and Portland where Antifa thugs caught on camera assaulting officers and citizens are immediately set free without bail. …

… While the “up-ballot” races always get the press, down-ballot races prove time and again to have a huge impact on your personal life. If you think this through, up-ballot races are downstream from your down-ballot races. If your community is dominated by socialists running for the board of supervisors or town council, it’s a safe bet that your state will follow suit (if it hasn’t already). As more cities and states adopt lawless agendas, the U.S. Congress as well as the presidency are more at risk for promoting such lawlessness as well.

So, do you know who’s running for sheriff in your locality? Is it someone committed to enforcing equal justice under the law? Or is it a socialist intent on lawlessness and bringing perceived political opponents to kangaroo courts?