Sarah Arnold writes for about a recent diatribe from a high-profile Biden critic.

Hours after former President Trump was arrested in Fulton County on charges that he allegedly tried to overturn the 2020 election, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) brutally scorched President Joe Biden in a “savage” takedown. 

During an interview on Fox News, Kennedy did not hold back in his rant about the weaponization of the government and the sleaze of what he penned as “Hunter Gate.” 

Kennedy began by comparing Biden’s constant lecturing of the “injustice of privilege” to being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin. 

He then questioned the shady business dealings conducted by Hunter Biden, addressing the significant amount of money the president’s son from foreign countries. 

“Did the Ukrainian and Chinese companies pick Mr. Hunter Biden because they were impressed with his resume on Zip Recruiter? No. It was his daddy,” Kennedy said. 

The Republican Senator mocked the White House’s frail picture they paint Biden to be, yet he “aggressively enabled” his son’s business ventures. 

Kennedy condemned the “sleaze” of the Biden family, who is getting away with selling out the U.S. and pocketing millions from foreign leaders. At the same time, Americans suffer from the president’s damaging policies. 

He urged House Republicans to uncover the findings and bring justice to the American people, emphasizing the need for facts and fairness. 

A recent Economist/YouGov poll spelled bad news for Biden and his money-hungry son. 

The poll found that forty-two percent of respondents view Biden favorably, while a whopping 55 percent view him unfavorably. 

Meanwhile, despite the Democratic Party trying to paint Hunter as an upstanding, brave man recovering from a life of drugs and alcohol, just 17 percent view him favorably. In comparison, 66 percent view him unfavorably, providing for a -50 net rating.

Even some Democrats are not buying the president’s alleged lies that he is not involved in his son’s shady business dealings.