Brittany Bernstein of National Review Online reports on mainstream media outlets’ sudden interest in the president’s wayward son.

With the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal and the appointment of a special counsel to continue the investigation into the president’s son, the wrongdoings of the younger Biden have become harder for the mainstream media to ignore.

Last week, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he would appoint U.S. attorney David Weiss as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Garland’s announcement allows Weiss to continue his investigation into the president’s son free from the conventional DOJ oversight.

CNN legal analyst Shan Wu called the special-counsel appointment a “debacle for the Justice Department.”

“They’ve had years to investigate this case and . . . things go wrong in the courtroom, it shouldn’t have gone wrong in this case. I mean, the defense had an interest in keeping it a little ambiguous. . . . The prosecution had no interest in keeping it ambiguous. They should have made this very clear, at least for themselves, what the plan was,” Wu said.

He said Garland “should have had better control over this to begin” with and said the appointment “obviously implies” that “the conflict that’s coming up now is, maybe it extends to the president. Because the president’s son, there is no conflict. Relatives of presidents have been looked at before. You don’t need a special counsel or independent counsel.” …

… Amid the new revelations, CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned whether President Biden should stop saying Hunter has done nothing wrong.

“I understand this is a dad talking about his son,” Tapper said during an interview with Representative Dan Goldman (D., N.Y.), who has repeatedly come to Biden’s defense. “But it’s also the President of the United States talking about a potential defendant in a case that his Justice Department is prosecuting. Also, he was about to plead guilty to some of the things he did wrong. Does the president need to stop publicly saying his son did nothing wrong?”