Perkins Coie is a powerful, Democrat-affiliated law firm. Perkins Coie led the national effort to eliminate protections against fraud and ballot harvesting in last year’s election, and Perkins Coie engineered a settlement that did just that in North Carolina. Overwhelming bi-partisan majorities in the General Assembly had approved special Covid rules before the election started, and the governor had signed those changes into law. The terms of the settlement agreement, however, made additional changes to those rules after the election was already underway, and, because they were excluded from the settlement process and because there was so little time left before election day, the leaders of the General Assembly weren’t able to successfully challenge it.

Perkins Coie is in the news again this week because one of its attorneys, Michael Sussmann, has been indicted for having “lied about the capacity in which he was providing the allegations to the FBI” about alleged links between Trump and Russia. Sussman claimed he was not representing a client when he was, in fact, secretly acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s political team.

Whenever the Democrats are up to no good, you’ll often find Perkins Coie at the center of it.