John Daniel Davidson of the Federalist explains how violent mobs are hurting the Democratic Party.

The unfolding disaster for Democrats right now, with just 63 days until the election, is that their party’s brand is not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it’s the violent mob in the streets.

Democrats have only themselves to blame. Too many months of inaction and equivocation about “mostly peaceful protests” have branded them as the party that’s okay with street violence and mob action, as long as it’s in the name of racial justice.

It doesn’t matter what Biden or Kamala Harris say now. Their caveated condemnations of rioting and looting are too little, too late. And regardless, no one believes them. Instead, the images coming out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C., last week have spoken for them. What they say, loud and clear, is that Democrats think rioting and looting is okay, under the circumstances.

No wonder the Democratic National Convention was conspicuously silent about the riots earlier this month. They know—as we all do—that many of those rioting are part of the Democratic Party’s left-wing base. Biden isn’t about to denounce them. He needs all those suburban white women we’ve seen screaming in the face of cops to show up, and show up big, on election day. …

… For all the pageantry that went into the RNC last week, the images most people will remember will not be President Trump on a stage or the fireworks above the White House. It will be the angry horde pounding on the White House gates and the raging mobs that followed conventiongoers through the streets, screaming in their faces, harassing them, striking one old man in the face, and threatening Sen. Rand Paul and his wife.

Everyone—even The New York Times and The Atlantic, which have been starting to sound the alarm—knows these mobs belong to the Democratic Party.