The Smoky Mountain News informs us Haywood County residents want zoning. The article says 800 randomly-selected residents were surveyed, and it gives us percentages of what they want, but it does not tell us the questions. For all I know, the first read, “Should there be a great land use plan to cure all ills, or do you want children starving in the streets?” Here’s what the article discloses:

A telephone poll of 800 randomly selected residents of Haywood County measured public opinion surrounding land-use planning.

  • 66 percent agreed there should be a land use plan, 20 percent disagreed, and 14 percent were unsure.
  • 64 percent supported additional industrial land-use regulation, 24 percent opposed them, and 13 percent were unsure.
  • 50 percent supported additional commercial development regulations, 36 percent were opposed, and 12 percent were unsure.
  • 48 percent supporting additional residential land-use regulations, 40 percent opposed them, and 12 percent were unsure.
  • When asked about the severity of land development as a problem, 39 percent said the problem is a major one, 35 percent think of it as a minor issue, 22 percent reported that it was not a problem and 4 percent were not sure.