Last week, Nan Miller, former English professor and long-time friend of the John Locke Foundation, published a commentary in North State Journal. Her must-read piece tells the story of a hypothetical “rogue” professor who would dare to share the teachings of capitalism on college campuses. Miller even includes a recommended lesson plan – including lessons on Alan Greenspan’s “Capitalism in America,” the facts about a high marginal tax rate for one-percenters, and the truth about Sweden.

Miller’s piece skillfully tackles the rise of far-left ideas and their battle with capitalism, particularly on university and college campuses. Her commentary proves to be insightful and well-needed in a world where higher education is oversaturated with Marxism and Socialistic infatuation.

In Miller’s words, her rogue professor would change college campuses by

endorsing our free market system — and by reminding students that the device they sneak looks at during class was not the brainchild of a bureaucrat. Nor were the other inventions that lend comfort and pleasure to their lives.

The John Locke Foundation would like to our friend in freedom, Nan Miller, on her excellent commentary and elegant writing. We encourage you to read the full piece here.