A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals has affirmed a lower court ruling favoring President Donald Trump’s campaign organization in a legal dispute.

The 11-page opinion handed down this morning upholds a November 2017 trial court ruling against Vincent Bordini. Bordini had sued the Trump campaign for “negligent retention” of staffer Earl Phillip.

While working as a “data director within the campaign’s information technology staff,” Bordini took a February 2016 car ride with Phillip, who directed Trump’s N.C. campaign efforts. During the trip, Bordini says Phillip placed a pistol (nicknamed Roscoe) against Bordini’s knee while holding a finger on the trigger.

In August of that year, Bordini sued Phillip and the campaign. He claimed assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and negligent retention and supervision. In November 2017, Judge Robert Ervin in Mecklenburg County Superior Court dismissed all claims against the campaign.

The highlight of Judge Chris Dillon’s decision:

Plaintiff’s last claim alleges that the Campaign negligently retained and supervised Phillip despite prior notice of Phillip’s erratic behavior. Specifically, Plaintiff contends that the evidence forecasted was sufficient to show that the Campaign had either actual or constructive notice of Phillip’s prior incidents involving Roscoe, his pistol. We disagree, and affirm the trial court.

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