Editors at National Review Online label President Biden’s treatment of Israel at the United Nations “shameful.”

By allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution demanding an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza while Hamas remains in power and still holds 130 hostages, the Biden administration has shamefully betrayed a key ally while empowering a terrorist group committed to its destruction.

President Biden has been getting increasingly bellicose in his rhetoric against Israel in recent weeks, particularly when it comes to Israeli plans to finish the job against Hamas by invading Rafah in southern Gaza. Over the weekend, the administration dispatched Vice President Kamala Harris to ABC to again chastise the planned Israeli offensive, claiming, laughably, that she had “studied the maps” and decided that Israel’s plan to evacuate civilians from the area wasn’t feasible.

Up until this point, however, despite criticisms, the Biden administration has been willing to use the U.S. veto at the U.N. Security Council to shoot down any cease-fire resolutions. On Monday, the administration abandoned that policy. Instead of standing up against international bullies, the U.S. abstained, allowing a despicable resolution to pass.

The move was an escalation in the emerging diplomatic crisis between the Biden administration and Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now called off a planned Israeli delegation to the White House that was supposed to discuss the Rafah operation.

Over the course of months, Israel has annihilated Hamas in the northern part of Gaza, but what remains of the terror group — as well as the hostages — are believed to be in southern Gaza, near the border with Egypt.

The text of the resolution “demands an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan respected by all parties leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire,” which in effect would mean leaving Hamas in power and allowing it to rebuild so it can carry out more attacks against Israel.