The latest print edition of National Review features the following blurb:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association — the self-serving bureaucratic apparatus that reaps an annual multibillion-dollar paycheck off the labor of disproportionately poor and minority students — is suddenly concerned about social justice. The NCAA has decided to pull seven championship events out of North Carolina (and the Atlantic Coast Conference has followed suit) because the Tar Heel State had the hateful audacity to pass a law requiring that its citizens use the public bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex. Given the NBA’s recent decision to pull its All-Star Game from Charlotte for the same reason, it’s become unmistakably clear that progressives are determined to turn the court and field into sweatier versions of an Oberlin classroom. One hopes these symbolic victories for pregnant “men” are worth the eventual backlash. We suspect that most people around the water cooler want to talk about sports, not gender politics.