As we prepare for the special session, I wanted to share John Locke Foundation’s research on topics that will likely surface this week.

As you keep up with legislation this week on and  and, JLF continues to be your best resource.

Regarding the veto override for HB 56, here is information JLF published about the plastic bag ban repeal and solid waste management:

While redrawing judicial districts is a good idea, the John Locke Foundation has reinforced the importance of careful thought and thorough debate.

North Carolina’s obscure and little-known criminal laws to regulate ordinary business practice often discourage entrepreneurship and place ordinary citizens in constant legal jeopardy. For this reason, among others, the recodification commission found in Section 10 in SB 114, or as Senate Amendment 2 in HB 482 is a really good idea.

As the film incentive grant extension is discussed, the information below offers useful information to consider. John Locke Foundation’s research analysts consistently find that rather than offering film incentives, a vibrant economy and lower costs of doing business can supplement the state’s amenities to film productions as well as to hosts of other, overlooked business endeavors.



As always, JLF is the best resource to influencers, decision makers and those dedicated to freedom and opportunity in North Carolina. I hope you find this information helpful.