Update on the “Usurper Four” From Locke CEO Amy Cooke

Who are the “Usurper Four”? They’re the Democrat justices on the North Carolina Supreme Court that want to overrule millions of North Carolina voters. They want to get rid of Voter ID by blocking Republican justices from hearing the case brought against the amendment.

A new public order confirms what we suspected, and the activist left is pushing hard for this usurpation. The order questions whether our constitution allows justices to be removed from a case. They even want to make sure the targeted justices don’t get a say in whether or not they can hear the case.

Wall Street Journal Weighs In

It’s such a  terrible scheme that the Wall Street Journal is calling it “Scorched-Earth Judging” and a gambit that threatens political legitimacy. https://www.wsj.com/articles/north-ca…