You know what I’m talking about— liberals screaming at the top of their lungs not just about Republicans’ policies–cruel, inhumane, etc.–but about how those polices make North Carolina the laughingstock of the country.

Yet that’s never jibed with the reality I know—people are flocking to our fair state:

In all, “North Carolina’s population has grown by 848,000 new residents or 8.9%, since the 2010 Census, rising to 10.4 million residents as of 2018,” according to the Carolina Demography blog published Thursday.

Though some of the surge came from birth rates, more people are coming here than are leaving, its analysis says.

Within the United States, the fewest newcomers are from “South Dakota, Rhode Island, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Hampshire,” Carolina Demography says.

About 15 percent of those coming into North Carolina are moving internationally, with the largest portion coming from India, the blog says.

Carolina Demography is a service of the Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, its website says.

And as we know, anything associated with UNC is not exactly a conservative think tank.