This morning marks the start of the News & Observer‘s latest blog, “Everything Questioned,” in which several respondents of various political philosophies address anonymously the same question related to a hot-button political issue.

The blog’s readers vote to determine which response they like the best. Here’s how the blog’s moderator — Austin Baird — describes it:

Everything Questioned is an N&O blog that takes on a political topic each month to start a conversation between people who disagree with one another and to turn attention to issues lost in the fray created by the day-to-day news cycle and partisan politics. Groups and individuals across the political spectrum are asked a weekly question, and their responses are posted side-by-side. Readers cannot immediately see the author of each response for a simple reason: It’s too easy to only read news and ideas that support pre-existing beliefs, and everyone benefits from at least understanding the reasoning behind other points of view. Read, comment, and write a unique response of your own if you’re up to the challenge.

This week’s question: How can voting fraud be better detected and prevented without putting an undue burden on certain voting blocs?

Later this week, the N&O will reveal the writer of each response, along with the reader’s choice. Twitter users can follow the conversation at @EQbyNO.