As Wake County’s district attorney nears a resolution in his criminal investigation of Gov. Beverly Perdue’s campaign flights, WTVD turned to Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington for expert analysis of the legal questions surrounding Perdue’s “aircraft provider program.” WTVD also interviewed Mitch Kokai, John Locke Foundation Director of Communications, twice this week for stories involving Perdue. Kokai questioned the value of the governor’s Asian business recruitment trip and responded to her off-the-cuff comment about suspending congressional elections for two years. Perdue’s foibles cropped up during Kokai’s recap of the week’s top state government news with Curtis Wright on WAAV/WFNC Radio. In other radio news, WLTT’s Chad Adams discussed air quality issues with Roy Cordato, Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar. WWNC’s Matt Mittan interviewed a pair of JLF experts during his latest visit to Raleigh. Daren Bakst, Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies, discussed the state’s forced-sterilization program and annexation reform. Terry Stoops, Director of Education Studies, refuted myths about teacher job losses. Outside of Mittan’s program, Stoops also spoke to the N.C. News Network about his recent research into the link between North Carolina’s high school graduation rate and the rate of remedial coursework at state community colleges. Becki Gray, Vice President for Outreach, served as guest host Thursday for WPTF’s late-morning program. Gray also discussed state government news during a pair of interviews with WTSB. In addition to her radio work, Gray continues her travels across the state. The Roanoke-Chowan News Herald and Bertie Ledger-Advance promoted her speech to Republicans in Windsor. (Gray covers the General Assembly for the JLF and is very knowledgeable about various legislative issues that affect all North Carolinians. She is also an excellent resource for conservatives and TEA Party activists who wish to learn the very latest information on local and statewide issues.) The Caldwell Tea Party group uploaded a podcast featuring Gray’s recent remarks at a Constitution Day Tea Party event in Wilkesboro. JLF President John Hood, N.C. History Project Director Troy Kickler, and Michael Sanera, Director of Research and Local Government Studies, all spoke last weekend in events linked to the Young Presidents Forum.