Kylee Zempel of the Federalist explains her ambivalence about the decline of Washington, D.C.

Last year when Capitol Hill was chattering about D.C. statehood, I argued that the District of Columbia is a Third World country. Despite CNN clowns and NeverTrump has-beens calling me racist for it and siccing the mob on my personal Instagram to pretend that captions I wrote as a D.C.-infatuated intern are evidence of hypocrisy, I stand by it. …

… It’s not that D.C. doesn’t have an abundance of impressive photo ops — it does, and there’s no shame in posting photos of them on your Instagram, thank you very much. The problem isn’t that there are no beautiful parts. It’s that those bastions of history and luxury are surrounded by filth, poverty, and District-endorsed lawlessness.

It’s precisely for that reason that D.C. is like a Third World country and why it deserves to rot in disgrace. The rich and powerful sit maskless, fat, and rich behind their security fences or at extravagant parties, all the while ignoring the mentally ill and addicted who are pitching tents down the street and dodging gunfire.

Meanwhile, small businesses sit defenseless when either a riotous mob or a vengeful Alcohol Beverage Control Board comes knocking at their door to snatch their livelihoods for having the wrong opinions.

Washington was never supposed to be like the Capitol in “The Hunger Games,” where the wealthy and powerful clowns in charge destroy the lives of the vulnerable for sport, watching from the safety of their ivory towers.

Just like the rest of D.C.’s leftist nonsense, its asinine vaccine mandate — however short-lived — did nothing but accumulate more government power and screw the little guys. But in the process and to its own demise, it made the city more unlivable and more unbearable.

D.C.’s stupidity is killing it one self-inflicted blow at a time. It’s time just to let it die.