John Lott explains at National Review Online why there’s at least one organized labor group that should expect no shameless pandering from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic party has clearly put itself in the position of being the anti-law-enforcement party. On Friday, Hillary Clinton told the 335,000-member National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) that she won’t even bother applying for their endorsement.

Although the FOP has traditionally leaned Republican, its endorsement has never been a sure bet. The FOP endorsed Bill Clinton in 1996, and declined to endorse either President Obama or Mitt Romney in 2012. But this is the first time that any major-party presidential candidate has refused to even ask the police for their endorsement.

There is more to this than simply Hillary Clinton knowing that Donald Trump is certain to get the FOP’s endorsement — not even applying for the endorsement is an open “snub” of the nation’s police. …

… [T]he gun-control issue may pose the biggest obstacle of all to Hillary Clinton. The FOP asks presidential candidates to pledge that “the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and will in no way be modified in my administration.” And that “gun control laws are not the answer to gun violence.” The NRA couldn’t have written a stronger statement.