Chris White of the Daily Caller highlights the apparent impact of recent immigration controversy on voters’ attitudes toward 2018 elections.

Democrats’ advantage over Republicans going into November’s midterm election has narrowed to four points, according to a poll conducted shortly after the peak of the family separation crisis at the Southern border.

More than 36 percent of those surveyed in a CBS poll published Sunday said they want to see Republicans maintain control of Congress in 2018. Another 40 percent of those surveyed told pollsters they prefer to see Democrats come out ahead on Election Day.

The numbers are surprising considering the significant outcry against President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance policy, which resulted in the separation of families seeking illegal entry across the border. Nearly 73 percent of Americans oppose splitting up children from parents as a form of deterrence, the poll notes.

Democrats’ advantage in the generic ballot has continued to tumble throughout the year. Their advantage has dipped from a 10 point advantage they had heading into June, according to an NBC poll conducted at the time, which also showed 50 percent of registered voters wanting a Democratic-controlled Congress. …

… Many voters, for instance, place blame for the separations on the parents for bringing their children into the U.S. illegally.

About half of voters believe parents are mostly to blame, the poll notes, which rises to roughly eight in 10 among Republicans. CBS also found that voters in Texas, Florida and Arizona, all of which are important states for Democrats in the midterms, believe Hispanic illegal and legal immigrants have had a negative effect on their lives.