June 22, 2023

RALEIGH — A clear majority of North Carolina voters support capitalism over socialism, according to results of the June Civitas Poll released Thursday by the John Locke Foundation. Some 57% of likely general election voters say their beliefs align more with capitalism than socialism. Just 28% prefer socialism, with 15% saying they are unsure.

Meanwhile, almost 50% of those surveyed said their employers should not take a public stand on social issues that are politically controversial. Just 36% wanted employers to take part in those political controversies.

“We are at an exciting crossroads in our nation’s economic conversation, as reflected by the voters’ emerging perspective”, said John Locke Foundation President, Donald Bryson. These results indicate that more and more North Carolinians believe in the power of individual control and innovation as drivers for economic progress and the pursuit of the American Dream.”

More than half of those surveyed — 53% — have heard of the movement to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in business and investing. Roughly 33% approve of the movement, with 31% disapproving and 36% percent saying they are unsure.

Just 26% said retirement fund managers should incorporate ESG into their decisions, with 35% preferring that those managers stick to financial factors.

The poll also asked voters whether they approve of the job three members of the Council of State are doing in their current roles. All three are declared candidates in the 2024 North Carolina governor’s race.

About 34% approve of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s job performance, while 24% disapprove. The rest of those polled neither approve or disapprove, or they are unsure.

Robinson is a Republican. Attorney General Josh Stein is a Democrat. About 27% of voters endorse Stein’s performance, with 18% disapproving. More than half of those surveyed selected the “neither” or “unsure” options.

Roughly 70% made no choice about the job performance of Treasurer Dale Folwell, a Republican who will likely face Robinson in next year’s primary election. Among those who registered an opinion, 18% approved of Folwell’s performance, while 12% disapproved.

The poll did not ask about job approval of fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Walker. A former congressman, Walker does not hold a current elected position.

Likely voters lean R+4 on the generic state legislative ballot and a slightly narrower 3-point edge on the Congressional ballot, despite Gov. Roy Cooper’s very slight up-tick in his approval rating (+2% since last polled) at 47%. Half of the state’s voters strongly disapprove of President Joe Biden, including 50% of Independents.

“These poll results show that President Joe Biden is facing significant disapproval across the Tarheel State with half of the voters, including an astounding 50% of Independents, expressing strong disapproval of his administration. Telling numbers”, Bryson continued.