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Iraq: Where Do We Go Now?

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For planning purposes

What: John Locke Foundation Headliner Luncheon

When: Noon Monday, December 4, 2006

Where: Holiday Inn Brownstone
1707 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27605

Price: $25

Who: As Chief of Central Command, Gen. Anthony Zinni oversaw all troops in the Middle East. He is one of the most respected military leaders of the past two decades. Following his retirement, the Bush administration appointed him as a special envoy to the Middle East.

But by 2003, Zinni had broken ranks with the Bush administration over the war in Iraq, saying, “Interventionist ‘neoconservative’ ideologues were plunging the nation into a war in a part of the world they didn’t understand.”

Gen. Zinni is co-author of numerous books about the wars in the Middle East. The list includes: Inside CentCom: The Unvarnished Truth About the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, A General Speaks Out: The Truth About The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Battle Ready. His latest book is The Battle for Peace; A Frontline Vision of America’s Power and Purpose.

Join Gen. Zinni as he provides an in-depth look at the war and suggestions for the next steps in Iraq.

Contact JLF Communications Director Mitch Kokai at 919-828-3876, 919-306-8736, or [email protected] for more information.

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