October 15, 2006

For planning purposes

What: John Locke Foundation Headliner Luncheon

When: Noon Monday, October 23, 2006

Where: Brownstone Holiday Inn
1707 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC

Price: $25

Who: One of the brightest young journalists in America, Matthew Continetti graduated from Columbia University in 2003. While at Columbia, he wrote for the Columbia Spectator and ISI’s magazine, CAMPUS. In summer 2002 his work led to a Collegiate Network internship at The National Review. He is now an Associate Editor of The Weekly Standard.

His book The K Street Gang is the inside story of how a group of powerful Republican reformers and ideologues, including Jack Abramoff, succumbed to temptations of power. It is the story of how the American conservative movement began as a cause, turned into a career, and ended up as a racket.

Join Matthew Continetti as he shares his insights with the John Locke Foundation.

Contact JLF Communications Director Mitch Kokai at 919-828-3876, 919-306-8736, or [email protected] for more information.