Michael Goodwin of the New York Post questions the latest political criticism of President Trump from potential 2020 Democratic electoral opponents.

When it comes to Iran, the Democrats who want to be president are full of sound and fury. They are certain President Trump has brought us to the brink of war and demand answers about the imminent threat of attack the administration cited.

But if you ignore the noise and focus on their actual words, you notice a giant hole in the criticism. The leading Dems are not arguing that Trump was wrong to drone Qassem Soleimani, nor have they said flatly they would not have approved the mission.

Their sound and fury, then, amounts to empty screeching and nothing else.

Even Joe Biden, who gave a 20-minute speech in New York Tuesday, was blistering in his attacks on Trump, but stopped well short of faulting the targeting of Soleimani. The big demands of the former veep, who is running on his long experience with foreign policy, were that the president rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal — fat chance — and “explain what you’re doing.”

Similarly, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who had to be pushed in a TV interview to admit that Soleimani was a terrorist, said killing him was “incendiary” but did not claim she would have refused to do the same.