Naomi Lim of the Washington Examiner reports on a procedural maneuver that takes aim at congressional Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

Some House Democrats are trying to reform the rules regarding how the caucus chooses its leader in an effort to oust House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., according to a report.

Democrats opposed to Pelosi want to introduce an amendment so that if Democrats win the House in November, a candidate hoping to become speaker requires the support of 218 members in the caucus, equal to a majority of the entire House. If Democrats do not flip the chamber, the caucus’ leader will be the person who secures the plurality of votes from the group.

Currently, the backing of the majority of the caucus is needed to be the party’s leader in the House before they are put forward as a candidate for the speakership. Given the numbers in the chamber, the leader of the party in power always prevails to become speaker.

The changes, proposed in a Sept. 13 letter to House Democratic caucus chair Joe Crowley and House Democratic caucus vice chair Linda Sanchez, was signed by 11 anti-Pelosi Democrats. …

… Pelosi has become a divisive figure in electoral politics as Republicans use her in advertisements designed to drive their voters to the polls. But she is also disliked by members of her own party for not being more liberal, forcing some congressional candidates to distance themselves from her on the campaign trail.