That is what happened during the Mountain Monday protest in Asheville earlier this week.  The Buncombe County Young Republicans asked people if they wanted to sign a petition to take education funding back to levels when Democrats had control.  The numbers they used aren’t exactly what spending was and where it is going – but it gets the point across.  If we compare budgeted K-12 funding from last year to this year, there is almost a 5% increase which amounts to approximately $400 million – a fact the media has repeatedly gotten incorrect.  See one of my prior blog posts that explains this in more detail.

What this video really shows is that many of the Left are misinformed and not aware of what is actually happening in their own government.  Anyone that mentions Education to the Left automatically think the Right are not concerned or doing their job.  I can assure you, I know many people that are not associate with the Left that are concerned or have a personal interest in advancing North Carolina’s public education.  Democrats might have had different policies than Republicans, but the K-12 funding has not been halted during the control of the General Assembly.

Below is the video from the Buncombe County Young Republicans during the Mountain Monday protest – it’s short and quite entertaining.