Lloyd Marcus writes for the American Thinker about efforts to boost support for President Trump in key electoral states.

Hello, America. My wife Mary and I recently returned home to West Virginia after spending three days with patriots in Boulder City, Nevada and Kingman and Sun City, Arizona. We were assisting the Conservative Campaign Committee’s mini-tour of battleground states to help elect GOP candidates and reelect President Trump.

Despite the grueling travel and temperatures over 100 degrees, Mary and I did the tour because the American people need to see patriots standing up for our country, police, and president. Wicked fake news media is deceptively promoting violent, anti-American, Marxist domestic terrorists as saints. Democrat governors and mayors have given Marxists free rein to wreak havoc in our streets.

Deranged Democrats seek to indict a married couple for not allowing a Black Lives Matter mob to burn down their home and murder them and their dog. Fake news media is mute about BLM shooting and murdering a young white mother for daring to say, “All lives matter.”

Americans are frustrated that the GOP has displayed a lack of testosterone in pushing back against Marxists terrorizing law-abiding citizens. Thank God for President Trump saying he will deal with the terrorism if Democrat governors and mayors persist in betraying their constituents.

The Conservative Campaign Committee initiatives are multilayered; TV and radio ads, phone-from-phone, social media, and sign waves. Rallying locals to join our CCC crew to wave signs at prominent intersections is powerful because it creates a spectacle and shows commitment to GOP candidates and Trump. Publicly supporting Trump is extremely important and powerful because Democrats and fake news media have emboldened Marxists to beat the crap out of anyone who opposes their treason.