In an article for the Pope Center today, Jay Schalin examines the higher education policy ideas of North Carolina’s two major gubernatorial candidates, Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton. Jay says that although both have some good ideas, McCrory clearly has the better vision for moving public higher education forward.

Democrat Walter Dalton represents a return to the free-spending past, calling for many new programs and expansions of existing programs. His platform could almost be described as a “love song” to the public education establishment. He even said he wants to be known as the “public school governor.”

Republican Pat McCrory, on the other hand, has crafted a platform that heralds the shift to lower spending levels as a new, permanent, frugal reality. He even challenges the long-held belief that the state needs to send more students to high education.

Read the rest–including about Dalton’s odd plan to give library cards to infants (apparently)–here.